Rogenia Parker, MSW, LCSW

Stephanie Quarles,  BSN, RN

About Us

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same"   - Colin R. Davis

I'm Rogenia Parker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Health Coach

I  have been working in the helping profession since 2005. I have experience working in various sectors, including working as an educator, case manager, advocate, program coordinator and therapist.  As a therapist, I worked with individuals with mental health disorders and substance abuse related disorders. I've worked in the medical setting most of my career. 

I've personally dealt with an unimaginable amount of work-related stress and life stress, which caused me to experience health issues and anxiety, which I have overcome. I feel it is my calling to assist others during difficult times in their lives, find ways to improve their situations and maintain their health. Life can sometimes be challenging, taking a toll on us; but we can overcome these challenges with the right support, motivation and resiliency.

As your coach, you will have an open, nonjudgmental space, where you will be free to talk  about things that are sometimes difficult to discuss. I will provide a supportive environment for you as we work together to  create and achieve health goals that bring purpose and meaning to your life.  

Stephanie Quarles, BSN, RN Clinical Health Coach

When life happens and things become hectic and chaotic, people tend to forget the importance of their physical health. My goal is to help you incorporate knowledge and strategies into everyday living. Your greatest possession in this life is you. I intend to help you become the best version of yourself. 

No two persons are the same, so neither is the approach to help with sustaining healthy life choices. The most important key to my plan is listening to you and assisting you with coming up with realistic goals that can improve your health.


I have been a nurse for over 10 years. My experience ranges from  ICU/trauma to long-term care to hospice (which is end of life care).  I also have experience as a junior college instructor. I have seen all walks of life conditions. Allow me to walk with you.